Marty Riemer (last name rhymes with “Dreamer”) is a veteran broadcaster, podcaster, voice over talent and live event host that finds it very difficult to write about himself in the third-person. And yet, here he is – Hi, it’s me, Marty!
Now, back to 3rd person… Marty is that rare broadcaster who has spent most of his career – thirty plus years – in one market, a great market, Seattle. And lest you think, 30 years?! Must be stuck in a rut. He now divides his time between Seattle and Berlin, thereby averting the rut.

Having started in radio at the ripe age of 13, and while acquiring a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, Marty went on to host shows at some of Seattle’s most renowned radio properties: KCMU (the precursor to KEXP), KZOK, KJR, KXRX, and his personal favorite, KMTT – The Mountain.
And while one toe always seems dipped in the broadcast world, he’s also gone on to establish himself in a variety of other media arenas...

Marty’s hairstyles over the years

He established one of the first daily, live-music and entertainment podcasts in Seattle. Through his production company, Twisted Scholar, Inc., he’s written, produced and hosted podcasts and videos for various clients.
For many years he hosted a wonderfully popular, eponymous annual live comedy festival – “The Marty Riemer Funny Festival.” He has interviewed some of the biggest names in entertainment, lent his voice to countless commercial and non-commercial works and most recently hosted a daily, live, drive-time radio show for the Seattle market that originated from his home in Berlin.

Through it all he has maintained a genuine curiosity for life that makes every project he takes on as intriguing and enjoyable as the first. And his ability to take direction, his light-heartedness mixed with a focus on detail makes him an ideal candidate for your next project.
Oh, and he has a wonderful, self-deprecating sense of humor (weird, because this is still Marty writing this).

Marty, signing off.

Marty side-hugging famous people

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